What is a #7daychip ?


50 Responses to “What is a #7daychip ?”

  1. Very cool. Thanks for making blog land a better place.

  2. What’s my next chip? Hmmmmm? May I chase a #60DayChip? Or is there an alternate plan? Just let me know..=)

  3. I’m in!! This sounds like a great motivator and who couldn’t use some extra motivation???

  4. I am in! No binges and more water!!!!

  5. I’m in Brad!! Sounds like a wonderful support group! I’m going for no binges and/or emotional eating for the next seven days!

  6. This is a really great idea! Keep up the good work, Brad!

  7. I’m in!! First thing tomorrow…..

  8. Oh – & yes – I definitely want my very own personalized #7DayChip!

  9. Day 1 is tomorrow! Thanks for this!

  10. This is great!! I’m in!! 🙂 I conquered my battle with cancer. Now to make the best of the rest of my life!!

  11. Fab concept …… i will be there soon 🙂

  12. I’m in – my blog shows I’ve been binge free since 31st December 2010…not eaten one mouthful off a very strict eating plan. It’s the not giving in and not eating off plan that has made this time very VERY different to any other time

  13. Tomorrow will be my 7th day. I’m putting this here right now because I know they are going to tempt me with Chinese food at work tomorrow. I will not succumb! I’ll be back to claim my chip tomorrow night 😉

  14. What a fantastic idea Brad!!!

  15. I am in!!! 7 day chip here I come!!

    Thanks for the great group Brad!

  16. Love this! I am in!! I will drink a minimum 100oz of water p/day and exercise 6 days out of this week for a 1000 calorie burn per day.

  17. I’ve been out of control and losing my sight. Tomorrow is day 1 of my quest for a #7DayChip!

  18. So yea…I think some mini-goals will make this whole journey a bit more manageable! Today is day 1 for controlled eating. Yay me!

  19. I love how much support our wonderful online community offers! 🙂


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