Run 5K in 100 Days


15 Responses to “Run 5K in 100 Days”

  1. Count me in! I sent you an email!

  2. I’m in…can’t wait!

  3. Im in is sent!

  4. cautiously optimistic! 🙂

  5. I’m so excited! This year, I, finally, started to get serious about losing weight (I’m obese) by exercising and changing my eating habits. I’ve been doing really good, and I really want to start running. I’m nervous, but determined!! You’ve already added me to the program (thank you!), but I just wanted to comment here, too!

  6. This is pretty awesome. I can’t run with my knee, but I’ll sure promote this for you.

  7. seen what you’ve put on the new website. I’m pleased with it…highlights were….you make it clear I need to protect from injury…good, I know I do and I’m glad this is in the program, Walking mixed with running sounds do-able. An hour sounds mildly scary, but I will do it, scared or not! Diary etc all fine. Only thing I might struggle with is not training days back to back occasionally around work commitments but will look at trying to juggle to get this done. Determination firmly intact – bring it on

  8. Can you teach a fat guy to run? If so count me in!

  9. Sent my info..lets get running!

  10. I sent you my e-mail — if spots are stil open, I am IN!

  11. I’m sending you an e-mail and seeing if you’re still excepting anyone. If not I’ll understand. Just found you from Kristy’s blog, Kristy gets fit.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  12. I’d love to be in!!! I sent you an email with my info!!!


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