Sometimes you just got to say “screw my subconcious”

Two years. Scratch that. Over two years.

That’s how long I have been working on the new business that I have been creating. I am finally getting close to the end.

It should be getting easier.

The heavy lifting is mostly done. I have read everything I can read on the subject, and incorporated that knowledge into my creation. I have created the best design I know how to make. I have shot, and re-shot, and re-reshot the videos more times than I can count.

It should be getting easier.

I have re edited material that I thought was complete. I have taken suggestions for change, even after something was totally done.

Why isn’t this getting easier?

The heck with that, why is it actively getting harder?

It seems like each piece of work is twice as hard as it used to be. It feels like the writing I am doing is actually fighting with me. The work makes me feel sick to my stomach when I sit down to get started. What’s this all about?

Then it hit me. I am near the end. Pretty soon I have to take my “great” idea, and put it to the test. No longer will it be an idea. Soon it will be real. This is why this is getting so hard.

Real is scary.

Real can fail.

Real can hurt.

I’m scared. I have put two years of my life into something, and I have no idea if it will work. Many of my friends and family have put their support (emotional and financial) behind me and my idea. This is such a tough thing to deal with. I guess my body realized this before my mind, and that is why things are getting so hard to do. My subconscious is trying to protect me for a fall. It’s doing this by trying to get me to stop, or stall.

You know what… …screw my subconscious.

I am going to trust the people who believed in me. They didn’t have to invest in my idea. They did it because they believed in me. They thought my idea had merit, and that I could pull it off. These are the people that I most trust in my life. These are the smartest people I know. Why would I doubt their opinion on me if I trust their opinion on everything else?
This may be scary, and this may be getting harder, but I am up to the task.

I can do this.


2 Comments to “Sometimes you just got to say “screw my subconcious””

  1. Good luck Brad. This will work. It will be amazing. It will be!!!

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