For my Mom, it was 11/22/1963. For me it is 9/11/2001

Ever look at the calendar, and have the date instantly make you forget about all your petty problems? It just happened to me.

The second I saw the date, I thought about a friend we called Candy.

Candy was a New York City Fireperson named Martin McWilliams, the brother of one of my very good friends. We called him Candy because he could never remember my wife’s name when he had a few drinks in him, and one night, he started to call her Candy. He really thought it was her name, and we were tickled pink. The next time we saw him, my wife started calling him Candy to return the favor, and it just stuck.

I will spare you the long story of who he was. Suffice to say that he was a lovely person, and a devoted father. Many, many people miss him.

I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to each and every person who makes the decision to care for others as their life’s work. They know that it is dangerous. They know they may die before their time. They do it anyway. I cannot imagine what it is like to do this, but I do know that having people like this in the world gives me faith in my fellow-man. They allow us to go on with our happy lives, knowing that we are protected from so many awful things. For that, I will always be thankful.

If you know someone who has taken this path, why not send a little love their way. Recognize their selfless choice, and thank them. They deserve it.

As for Candy’s family, as well as the families of the other firefighters, policeman, and civilians who lost their life on that fateful day, my thoughts are with you today and always.


One Comment to “For my Mom, it was 11/22/1963. For me it is 9/11/2001”

  1. Thank you Brad, may Peace, love and understanding be with you and all of your loved ones.
    I only wonder now about 11-22-1969?

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