The beauty of a blog is that you can start fresh anytime you want.

After almost a year away, I have decided to dip my toe back in the water, and give my blog another try. If you have ever written one of these, and taken time away, you know how difficult this can be. Writing an honest blog is both a joy, and a burden. Sharing the “real” stuff is almost never easy. That being said, it is almost always worth the effort.

As for where I have been, lets just say I was lost in a complicated world of pain, progress, happiness, sadness, joy, boredom, excitement… …you get the idea, Life. Over the coming posts, I plan to share what has happened to me, and how it has changed me. If I was asked to cut the end of the story (and up to today), I would have to say that there was a great deal of progress made, and mostly in the right direction. I would also say that the ground I covered was the toughest I have ever encountered.

As for what this blog will be about going forward, I guess that there are two principal subjects you will hear from me on. The first will be my personal journey to finding happiness in the life I am lucky enough to have. This does not always come naturally to me, but I think there are good stories to be shared about the attempts, failures, and occasional successes. If you are looking to hear about an imperfect man, looking to better himself, you might find what I have to say to be interesting.

The second subject I will be spending time on is the creation of my new business. This is a business that is focused on helping first timers learn how to run, ride, and lose weight. I have been creating this for a number of years, and am in the home stretch of finally opening it. Some of you may remember the beginnings of this business from my 5K in 100 days program. This was a free program which taught non runners how to run 5K in about 15 weeks. Teaching this program for free was one of the most wonderful things I have ever done, and it was the spark that ignited the business I am creating. Just so you know, I am not writing about this to advertise this business. Instead, I will be sharing the process to let you know what it is like to do something like this (hint, very hard ;-), as well as what I have learned about myself in the process.

Thats all I have for today. It is hard writing with so much rust from lack of working at my blog. I expect it will get easier (and the posts will get better). Thanks for reading.


6 Comments to “The beauty of a blog is that you can start fresh anytime you want.”

  1. It was really great Brad to hear from you. I never unsubscribed, thank goodness, so I’ll be here for you to share with and teach along the way. Take care and have a blessed afternoon.

  2. It’s good to see you, Brad! I’ve been wondering how you’re doing. 🙂

    Just FYI, I’ve worked up to running that full 5k (looking to run my first “official” 5k at Fitbloggin!), and am training for a half marathon in December. I never made it all the way through 5k in 100 Days, but it was definitely your program that helped me get going, and 100% your program that proved to me I could actually do it, so, from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I know you’re going to be fantastic!

    (Also, if you ever decide you need a branch office in West Virginia, you know where to find me. 😉 )

    • Elisah,

      Nothing could make me happier than hearing that you are still running, and loving it. Keep it up, and let me know how that marathon goes. If you ever need any help with the planning, all you have to do is ask.


  3. Great to see you blogging again Brad. I have always enjoyed your humanity, your positive outlook and your willingness to move forward 🙂

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